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A public meeting on ‘Arguments for Revolution’ – Thursday 10th March

March 3, 2011

Arguments for revolution: a public meeting hosted by the Stoke Socialist Workers Party.

The tremendous uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia clearly show revolution is possible. After decades of dictatorship the actions of millions of people through mass mobilisations and strikes have brought down tyrants. And many people in those countries are now pushing for further change.

The momentous events in the Middle East come after the fantastic student protests here in Britain. The demonstrations and occupations at the end of last year have transformed the political landscape in Britain. Immense class anger and bitterness ran through every protest. The student movement has inspired all those who want to see a fight against the Tories’ vicious attacks. And we desperately need a fightback against the Coalition’s assault on us all. The resistance has to spread to involve workers and the unions as well as students.

The demonstration called by the TUC on Saturday 26th March is a crucial part of this. We need to put hundreds of thousands on the streets. The bigger it is the greater confidence it can give to workers and students to organise and fight the Tories. It can be a springboard for strikes, co-ordinated action and a general strike.

Events in Egypt, are proof that revolution is possible in the modern world – could it happen in Britain? The student movement here raised many questions, notonly about how to stop the attacks but also how can we bring down the Con-Dem government? What would revolution look like? And if we got rid of capitalism what would replace it? What do we mean by socialism? Is it possible to completely transform society and get rid of racism, sexism and oppression?

At this time of, revolution in the Middle East, mass student protests and a questioning of the system the SWP is hosting meetings on “Arguments for Revolution”. Come along to discuss how we both strengthen and build the movement as well as how we can win fundamental change and transform society.

For more information about this meeting or the  Socialist Workers Party,call 020 7819 1170 or go to

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